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MCSE 2012

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We're a helping hand when you need it most. My Tek Support, Inc. offers assistance with any issue you may have with your business as it relates to information technology.  Sharing Information

We'll architect your migration to Microsoft Windows Server 2012, perform a backup and recovery analysis, implement Cisco routers and switches into your infrastructure, design and administer Active Directory on Windows Server 2012, create a virus prevention strategy, set up your secure remote sites, and create automated PowerShell or Winbatch scripts to help your System and Network Administrators perform their job easier. We can do it all!

My Tek Support, Inc. has the expertise necessary to help your business continue to benefit from information technology.

So, give My Tek Support a call and let us handle your information technology support needs - you'll be glad you did.








NIC Configurator 2013
Standardize ethernet adapter performance settings on groups of domain computers. (Learn More)


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