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About My Tek Support, Inc.

Founded in February 2005 (Nevada), by current CEO Anthony E. Clegg, our mission is to provide expert and reliable Information Technology support for your business.

My Tek Support, Inc. has handled computer and networking infrastructure needs for firms such as Sterling Escrow, Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, and Ventura Metals in Las Vegas, Nevada, and for Luhrs Marketing Research and Macondo Corporation (Architects & Planners) in Chicago, Illinois.

Whether you need help creating a highly available Windows server infrastructure, troubleshooting active directory and Exchange Server, creating a site-to-site active directory replication solution, My Tek Support would be glad to help. We have the expertise necessary to help your business continue to benefit from information technology in the present and future.

Let a My Tek Support consultant sit down with you to discuss options you may have for managing your information. This includes email, internet, document management, storing, accessing, backing up, archiving, and securing your information on a daily basis. And then, we can implement those options for you in a way that best fits your needs.

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NIC Configurator 2013







NIC Configurator 2013 software configures advanced network adapter settings on multiple computers from a central console (download trial).

How It Works:
Open NIC Configurator 2013, select your active directory computers from the list provided and then configure which advanced ethernet adapter settings (Speed & Duplex, Flow Control, etc.) you'd like to apply towards those computers. NIC Configurator 2013 will automatically apply those settings and then generate a report so that you can see the changes that were made.

It's easy!

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